my reading response choice board

I am suppose to write my in opinion who the most interesting character is and provide 3 supporting details.

The book is called firebug.


I chose Ava as my most interesting character because of her ability to start fires with her mind and because of her lifelong enemy, Venus. She has a interesting and witty personality.


Venus had Ava’s mom killed then made Ava part of her “Coterie, a magical mafia.” Ava kills the targets near her with her fire power. When Venus tells her to kill a friend, Ava says no and rebels against Venus.


My support text:

  1. “I could set fire to the bench we were sitting on” narrated Ava.
  2. “I was chattled to Venus, queen of the manor and head of coterie”
  3. “He grinned and swiped my pickle without asking. If he were anyone else I would have stabbed his hand with a fork–I like pickles. And manners.